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Book Summary of See You in Court: In trial attorney Gary J. Chester’s book See You in Court, we dive into a chock full of outrageous cases, frivolous lawsuits, and anecdotes of the legal system. He highlights key concepts in the fields of civil and constitutional law throughout the vivacious cases. Not only does this book inform us of the legal system, but it also gives us an insider’s look at the underside of the legal profession in an engaging yet humorous manner. Absolutely no body should apply to, much less enter, law school before reading this book. Those who are interested in journalism, the law profession, and television law dramas must read this book as it challenges the imagination beyond any pre connotation of the fairytale that…show more content…
Chester provides us with a superior, more in depth answer. More often, the professional is the one who is altering and messing up our justice system. Compared to most sensible individuals who obtain common sense, Chester demonstrates that accomplished attorneys, scholarly judges and poignant litigants are more likely to erode our judicial system. Breaking it down into further detail, Chester goes through in depth the career journey throughout law school. He highlights what the institutions do to the young minds, stripping them of their common sense and superseding all of it with legal principles and jargon. They are also taught to be aggressive along the way, as that is a big factor in winning cases. Lawyers must present their cases assertively with great vigor no matter what the case be. But what about these ludicrous cases that still make it to court? Attorneys are often taught not to take these sort of ridiculous claims, especially ones that they no there is no chance in winning, however clientele still find some lawyer who is willing to take on such silly cases. While they may do it because they are making money off of it, it is entirely frowned upon, as these kinds of things harm the reputations of lawyers and our
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