Seeburger Heights Case Study

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For Seeburger Heights we have many different committees that must work together in order to create a successfully running school. The first committee to present their new policies for our school was the administration committee. The administration committee had five different policies that they wanted to put into action; the budget, the teacher evaluation system, the consequence policy, the curriculum enforcement policy and the safety/security plans. Each policy was created in order to better our school in various ways. The budget plan was to have ten million dollars to start the year and to break that money up into different categories, 2,375,012 for the salaries of teachers and other staff members, technology (which was decreased from the previous year),…show more content…
I feel that the consequence policy had appropriate consequences for different violations, I thought that having different consequences for different levels of offenses was a good idea for the elementary school. Consequences are extremely important for students to learn how to behave and what is and is not appropriate for them to do in school. The curriculum enforcement policy ties directly into my group (the curriculum committee). The curriculum enforcement policy had different parts that were incorporated into it that all passed, most of the policy focused directly on having the teachers collaborate with one another. As a future educator I agreed with the policy immensely, I feel that in order to have a successful teaching staff collaboration is key. Having the teachers work with one another will allow the teachers to make sure that they know what they are teaching and can help one another with any problems they may be having. The last policy was the safety and security plan, which passed. I feel that this policy is absolutely necessary in all schools, today safety in schools is often tested and needs to be as thorough as
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