Seed By Lisa Heathfield Analysis

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Stylistic and language features were devices that were used throughout the novel Seed, written by Lisa Heathfield, to develop the themes. Abuse, psychological, physical and sexual, was a theme which was shown throughout the novel, and was strengthened with the use of the stylistic and language features. Imagery was one of the techniques that was used throughout the novel, and impacted on how the reader perceived this abuse. The use of the narrator’s voice also had a significant impact on how the reader viewed the theme, and the overall development. Imagery is a common and powerful tool that writers use to strengthen and convey their ideas and messages. In the novel Seed it dealt with various forms of abuse, psychological, physical, and sexual,…show more content…
In the novel Seed, abuse is a common theme, of all variations, and the reader can clearly see the overall development of it through the use of the multiple narrators, and how it is portrayed. An example of the gradual development of this theme is when Pearl describes her feelings as “a knot in stomach”, these are mainly found towards the end of the novel, and show the gradual awareness she has for the wrongdoings going on in Seed. There are distinct differences between the main narrator, Pearl, and the secret narrator, for example the tone between both is very different. The secret narrator, Sylvie, describes events with gruesome detail, while Pearl, being a naive child, doesn’t dwell on the obvious signs of mistreatment or abuse. For example, “Its Kindred John and Kate… There are marks on her arm. I look at them, but I don’t know why she got them.” (Pg. 165) This an example of Pearl’s naivety, however the reader is given clear evidence of abuse. The secondary narrator describes events in detail, for example, “The thunder in my stomach cracking me open. The stinging turning to burning and tearing… I pushed the flesh and bones from me.” (Pg 25) This is a strong contrast to how Pearl describes certain events. From the use of the secondary narrator the audience has a clearer idea of the abuse and mistreatment which takes place in Seed. Overall, the use of the multiple narrators has a strong effect on strengthening the ideas and messages of the abuse, and the overall
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