Seeing Annie Dillard Summary

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From the articles “Seeing” by Annie Dillard, “A List of Nothing in Particular” by William Heat-Moon and the film My Life as a Turkey by Joe Hutto, the different of sights bring people realize how many unknown information could affect our life. Nowadays, human focus at their work, school, and relationships. However, have we ever figured out what happened around our work and school? The three authors has found a different life that brought them a wider vision of world by keeping their eyes open. First of all, in “Seeing,” Dillard investigated the ways people put their vision on the world. The author used to hide some pennies to let others dig them out when she was young. This childish move shows how many people recently unable to see another…show more content…
The disappointment made blind people refuse to accept a different sight although that is the reality. Also, the reason of rejection is why a part of people are not willing to open their eyes. Maybe one day, a repulsive truth arise from surroundings. Dillard shows how the different sights may affect the way how we currently live. On the other side, in “A List of Nothing in Particular,” Heat-Moon discovered many animals and plants from the desert. “The desert, more than any other terrain, shows its age, shows time.” (Heat-Moon) All of the findings were from the desert where nothing existed. Heat-Moon opened his eyes on the surroundings deeply, and this new sight freely surprised him. Similarly, in My Life as a Turkey, Hutto has found that turkeys are more intelligent than people thought of. One of the example is that the turkeys know what kinds of snakes are dangerous. According to the video, Hutto said, “this turkey is also showing me how to live my life also.” Hutto saw how wild turkeys live in their own way. He even tried to understand their language, and surprisingly he somehow understood what they were trying to
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