Seeing Beyond Our Differences By Sherry White Summary

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Summary: DNA makes us human. We are different in hight, color, shape but and the end we are bonded 99.9 percent. I choose to read “Seeing Beyond Our Differences” by Sherry White because she talks about how DNA make human all equal despite our nature laguage, gender, or sexual orientation. Sherry White,daughter of mix-races, she describes the diferenece of her parents skin color; mother; dark skin originally from india. she came to the United States in 1960 and married her father- a white boy from Indiana whose ancestors came from Germany in the mid-1800s and England in the mid-1600s. Her grandfather was a member of the KKK but was not against her parents marriage, but, he was only concern of their safety and how others would treat them. Despite the culture differences and how traditionally her parents culture was, Sherry mentions that at the age of thirty she decided to tell her parents she felt attracted to…show more content…
I do agree that we all carry DNA that can probably make us equal in many ways. I also agree that there should not be preferences or differences in race, sex, culture, color, etc... but we must take into account that woman and man have different ability for certain things and vice versa. I am aware that we all share equal rights by law and justice. Although, I don’t agree we are all 99.9 equally by DNA, since there are mentally ill people who need and should be treated differently- Yes! they’re human and have feeling’s like all of us, but, we are equal and different by nature and because we ourselves (society) have considered it so. We are all different because not everyone chooses the same paths we all have different choices in life. We are all different, because we love in different ways, we express it in different ways, we respect in different ways and we value differently. I am aware we are all human compose of the same organs, but, are brain thinks differently and our hearts feels
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