Seeking Acceptance Poem Pat Mora

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Seeking Acceptance Brief Introduction of the Poem Seeking acceptance from others is what most people search for in life. The narrator is conflicted by the fact that she is seen as less than “an American to Mexicans / a Mexican to Americans” (Mora 14-15). Being born legally in the United States has actually set her apart from her heritage. Being different pushes her away and she finds herself having to change her personality depending on the situation that she is in. She finds herself living almost a double life trying to fit in while feeling like she is being judged by Americans and Mexicans; hence the name, Legal Alien. Information about the poet Pat Mora was born in El Paso, Texas where she was raised in a bilingual home by her parents. While attending an English speaking school she noticed that there was something missing in her life. Mora explains that even though she was raised in a bilingual community, “Spanish and being of Mexican descent and being part of the border experience was never part of my educational experience” (Colorin Colorado). It was in her writings where she could show her appreciation of her heritage and educate others on welcoming their culture with pride. It was a great feeling to be different and being able to speak and write in two languages was something that she appreciated.…show more content…
The fact that she has to switch the way that she acts around different people depending on her surroundings is what makes her uncomfortable. Having to act a certain way in order to not be seen differently is both physically and mentally draining. At a certain point it can feel confusing and depressing for not being able to find an own personal identity. Jumping back and forth from two different personalities, when all she wants is to feel welcomed and not seen as different because she can speak English or because she looks

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