Seelans Superstore Case Study

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Which is the most important factor in generating repeat purchase for Seelans Superstore? The business I have chosen is Seelans Superstore, the current location of Seelans Superstore is 332-336 High Street North, Eastham, London, E12 6PH. The store sells products like rice and spices from India, Kerala, and Sri Lanka in an area which is predominantly Asian. As the business is located on the high street it is a convenient area for customers as it is alongside other stores and restaurants within Manor Park, being located near a train line also increases the convenience of the stores’ location, the store is located where there is no other superstore like Seelans that sells South Asian products reducing competition, however, Pound Land which is…show more content…
My primary research and interview with the manager portray the stores’ customer service as mainly ‘good’ or ‘okay’ which conveys that Seelans superstores’ customer service also contributes to its repeat purchase. In my questionnaire the question which was given was “what is your opinion on the stores’ customer service?” and below respondents were given the choices of good, okay, bad and needs improvement. A large majority, precisely 63% of customers responded well however 1% answered needs improvement, I strongly believe if the store improves its customer service it will generate more repeat purchases. When doing the interview with the manager and a staff I asked the query, “what do you think of your stores’ customer service and how would you improve it?” to which the manager responded, “I think we provide great customer service, we do deliveries door to door within Newham and if customers need help carrying their bags we have trained staff to carry the bags and escort the customer out to their car.” Not many superstores train staff in this manner giving an edge to Seelans superstores when it comes to customer service as unique. One way in which the store can improve its customer service is by issuing loyalty cards to frequent customers, and an online store to have an
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