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1. The male protagonist of the television series, “Bones”, plays the role Seeley Booth an FBI agent partnered with a socially awkward forensic anthropologist, who with her extraordinary ability, is able to find clues in the victim’s bones to solve the crimes. Agent Booth is a handsome, confident and street smart man who unlike his co-protagonist, has a very social and charismatic personality. This male character is mostly known for being a heroic man, evident in his career choices by being a former sniper for the military and then becoming an FBI agent. Based on his profession Booth is also portrayed as a patriotic man, looking to do what is just and correct. However, beyond his strong character he is also a very religious man, being a devout of the Catholic church.…show more content…
It seems that as an FBI agent, Seeley Booth, seems to fit many general gender stereotypes of men. Seeley Booth is portrayed as a the ‘man in charge’, gentleman and hero. For example in the episode, "The Con Man in the Meth Lab" of Season 4 he is labeled as an “alpha male” for his dominant, aggressive and at times intimidating personality. In the episode, "The Sense in the Sacrifice". of Season 9 he is called, “a complex man”, suggesting that their is more to Booth than his appearance. However, he also represents a male who is successful with women, but in chivalrous way. He is a man most women expect to find; a man who can switch from being very manly and athletic a second to being a strong overprotective hero the next.
3. Throughout the television series, Agent Seeley Booth seems like a very confident and cocky man, who would mostly fit the category of a ‘player’ if it wasn’t for his really mature and religious attitudes. Even though he is successful with women he doesn’t openly express his sexuality afraid that it might seem inappropriate or he will be disrespectful. Especially, since his father was a violent man who physically abused his mother, younger brother and

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