SEAL Team Six Analysis

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Brotherhood and Morality of the SEALs There is a certain way one has to act and maintain himself if that person wants to be a part of any armed services, especially the elite SEAL teams. It does not matter how gifted someone is in combat or training; if he or she does not execute a sense of brotherhood with their fellow soldiers, that person would be unfit for the duty. In the book “SEAL Team Six”, written by former SEAL Team sniper Howard Wasdin, those themes among others similar to them are greatly exemplified, and shows that they are essential in maintaining strength and function within a team. One way to explain the term brotherhood is helping your fellow man out, no…show more content…
Similar to brotherhood, Howard Wasdin believes it to be an important enough guideline to follow to also mention on multiple occasions in SEAL Team Six. While there are times when people need to be taught lessons, such as the point where Wasdin and the other SEALs punished the rednecks for taking advantage of a weaker human being, they still need to give respect in most circumstances (Wasdin 153). This is observed when the officer was speaking to the group about that same incident after it occurred, and although Wasdin and the other believed what they did was necessary, they were still polite and gave the officer respect (Wasdin 155). Morality can also mean going to certain lengths to do things for your fellow men. One example of such was when Wasdin snuck food to a fellow BUD/S trainee when he was in desperate need of it, even though he was risking getting caught. “I risked trouble with the instructors to sneak food into the barracks for him on odd days.” (Wasdin 80). The concept of morality is extremely important to being a successful SEAL or any man or woman in the armed forces, and along with that and brotherhood is the fact that everyone will be tempted to do something at some time that could potentially do harm to a situation or even a
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