The Cosmetics Industry

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In modern world, one of the fastest growing industry is “Cosmetics Industry”. A report from Ernst & Young finds, that over the past ten years this industry has grown by 3.8% and reached up to €181 billion. The market value of this industry was €127 billion in 2005. Whereas in 2014, it reached a projected market value of €181 billion. Although it faced a crisis period in 2008 and 2009. Growth rate in these years slowdown significantly at 3% and even 1% respectively. (EY, Seeking sustainable growth: The luxury and cosmetics financial factbook 2015 edition, 2015) By overviewing the cosmetics industry in demographic way. It is by far clear that most of the cosmetics are sold in Asian/Pacific market which stands out at 35% of total market. After…show more content…
There are many companies that helps cosmetics industry to generate market value as much as €181 billion. Estee Lauder ranks among the top with 2.5% growth and €29 billion market capitalization. Beiersdorf follows the earlier with 2.3% growth and €18 billion market capitalization. There are others as well who have their share in the growth of cosmetics industry. For example: Coty, Shiseido, L’Occitane and Natura etc. But there is one company who rises above all of its competitors and that too with very wider margin. L’Oreal Paris is the brand which continuous to dominate the cosmetics…show more content…
It is a brand division of a company named L’Oreal USA, Inc. L’Oreal Paris is obviously a beauty and cosmetics brand having registered office in Paris. It initiated its journey with manufacturing variety of hair coloring products. But it didn’t took long time before they expanded the range of their products. They started manufacturing products related to skin care, make-up, sun protection, hair care and perfumes. They are not just restricted to manufacturing beauty and cosmetic products. The other brands of this group involves in research fields related to tissue engineering, toxicology, biopharmaceutical and dermatology. Because of these activities L’Oreal group is also a top nanotechnology. (Pitman,

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