Rosa Parks Segragation Essay

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Segragation.One of the worst words in the entire human vocabulary.This word has caused people to be murdered,whipped,hanged,and so much more.There have been smaller cases where this is not always the case.However their impact on history is just as important as the darker side of this evil.Such as the various tales of these few men and women who put much on the line to stop this unreasonable action.These are the tales of heros.

Rosa parks.Rosa parks was a extremely known activist and was known as the mother of civil rights.She was known as the mother of civil rights because of one of her most remember acts where she refused to get up from her seat on the bus.Rosa parks and just got on the bus on her way home after a long day,and refused to get up just because she was black and white people wanted her seat and three other african americans.The three got up,but Rosa stayed rooted to the spot.The driver went up to rosa and said,”Are you going to get up?”,but Rosa looked straight at the driver and said,”No’’.This caused Rosa to be arrested,but this began
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ferguson is the incident between the african american plessy,and a man named ferguson.The incident occured because plessy had to get to his destination,and had to ride a whites only train car to get there in time.The seat plessy took was ferguson’s seat and plessy was arrested.It says in paragraph 3,”He and his lawyers repeatedly appealed to courts,but none were willing to accept the case”.Soon however the case went to supreme case.Yes sure the case was at first just a little misunderstanding,but it soon turned into a segregation case.Plessy’s lawyers argued that black and white only buses were unconstitutional,but the opposite team said that since the buses were of the same quality which destroyed plessy’s only defense and lost the case.However sixty years later a case of the same principle came up and caused the court to change its decision on the plessy and ferguson
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