Segregation And Inequality In The United States

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During 1954, segregation and inequality started to change America into different direction, it was visible everywhere in the country. Schools were segregated, housing sectors were segregated even buses where segregated. Black people were not allowed to sit on white persons’ seat. This divided the nation drastically. Even though constitution had given voting rights to all black man but still due to many rules plotted by Kul Klux Klan in some states which made it difficult for black voters to vote. One of the main issue was schooling system where black people were not allowed to go to white peoples’ public schools. This became a main issue because of the limited resources black people had in their schools they were not able to provide same level of quality education as white schools were able to provide to their children. NAACP was a civil right organization; they were working on all of these issues to end segregation from country. Chief justice Earl Warren ruled on May 1954 that separate…show more content…
Many other leaders followed Malcolm X and went against peace, one was Stokely Carmichael who was leading SNIK and was a follower of King but he was also moved by the words of Malcom X then James Meredith assassination transformed him and he also started supporting black power. Which was based in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago and also extended to south. Carmichael work is appreciated many African American are able to vote because of his fight against inequality. Many riot right occurred almost in one hundred and sixty-eight cities, they did not obey Martin Luther Kings’ disobedience movement. This harmed many white people when they started looting, used arson, police retaliation and burned many places. All this bought bitterness in the hearts of African American people. But all this came to an end as Richard Nixon became president, and stopped the
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