Segregation Argumentative Essay

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Segregation was a huge controversy between the white and colored for many long years. Such as cases that will not allow blacks or whites to marry a different color than their own color, children not allowed to go to public schools with white children, or being able to sit in a white compartment. Many cases were lead up to segregation and the blacks wanted their freedom, equal rights, and being treated like a human being. They were not seen in white folks eyes as equal citizens, they wanted to change that. The Supreme Court has made many decisions to impact segregation: Plessy vs. Ferguson, Brown vs. Education, and Loving vs. Virginia

On June 27,1892 Homer Plessy seated himself in a white compartmented of a train. Plessy was harassed by the conductor for not sitting in a African American compartment. Plessy did not move out of the white compartment and he was arrested and charged for violating state laws. It was stated in the article, "The Court upheld a Louisiana law requiring restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other public places to serve African Americans in separate, but ostensibly equal, accommodations".The Criminal District of the Parish of Orleans , Tourgée, Plessy's lawyer, argued that the law stating "separate but equal" was unconstitutional. Judge Ferguson ruled against Plessy, therefor Plessy applied to the state Supreme
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Ferguson, Brown vs. Education, and Loving vs. Virginia. People coming together and trying to get white and colored children to come together in public schools and learning the same academics. Earning a right to marry anyone, even if different skin colors. Being able to sit anywhere and not having a certain area. In today's world there is still racism but the blacks never broke, they fought for what was right and can do what any other white male/female can do today. The blacks have changed history and
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