Segregation In America Essay

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Racial relations in America were reaching a tipping point during the 1950’s and 60’s. The state of Georgia was no different; the African Americans of the time wanted to be treated as equals, while Whites of the time wanted to maintain superiority. The University of Georgia played a major part in whether segregation would remain the norm, or if the state would slowly make changes to desegregate. It is believed that only scare tactics, such as the ones used by the KKK, were used to keep segregation in place for as long as it was; however, segregation survived at UGA for as long as it did because of people like Governor Talmadge and UGA President Aderhold. These men employed tactics such as using time to their advantage, creating rules on the…show more content…
As a young intelligent man, he was expected to earn a degree from a respectable University and then begin earning money for his family. “After sex and a half years of legal maneuvers and delay tactics, Horace Ward would finally have his day in court.” Fighting for over six years just to get a date in court to have a chance at enrolling eventually became too much for Ward. So after dedicating years to trying to get into UGA he eventually enrolled in Northwestern University in order to obtain his Law Degree. “Whenever I was on military leave, I met with my legal advisors, I made it clear to them that I didn’t think I could invest more than one more year in the UGA case. Age was catching up with me, and I was ready to move on.” Time affects the younger generation more than the older generation. UGA President Aderhold could dedicate all the time needed to keep Ward out of UGA, whereas Ward had a life to still set in motion. This tactic was employed because time is something that is very limited. Ward did not find it worth his time to continue his fight against UGA and once his case was dismissed, he did not file for an appeal and moved one with his life. This example shows that humans only have so much time on Earth, and eventually fighting for something based on principle is outweighed by the time dedicated to that
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