Segregation In America

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To me an American is someone who can make a difference in the world, someone who can be a free citizen, born and raised in the United States. The idea that everyone around us is viewed equally, looked at from the same perspective. Segregation is a thing in the past, a place where people come to see fairness and equality among people. Yes, compared to past times fairness and equality in America is better but there are still many disagreements among jobs and schooling, and crimes that are viewed at differently by race. We are protected by the bill of rights which provides us with a lot of safety. It gives us freedom of religion, the right to bare arms, right to fair trials, and the right to vote, freedom of speech, having freedom of press,…show more content…
This freedom has caused many issues and killings because people take advantage of using a gun for other reasons then hunting or protection and self defense. We have had 99 mass shootings unlike France who has had 10! The many different sexualities, and religious beliefs cause disagreements among people because they do not have similar ideas of life. Chaos is controlled by the government to keep people in a righteous form, by enforcing laws. Without laws people wouldn't have boundaries and crimes would be committed more often and drastic events would be in the making. To survive in America much effort must be put forth. Everyone here in the United States works hard for there achievements nothing in life is just given to you. Poverty is a major issue among people in America, many citizens lack shelters, with food and water. This causes the poverty we see on the streets today where people search all over for food. The unemployed have no way of making money which causes this poverty, but is it really there fault? Our school systems these days are so unbelievably expensive and so hard to afford. Even if you do pay for schools most young adults are paying off there school loans until there late 60's! Most jobs won't even except you if you have a poor
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