Segregation In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Segregation is when people are separated by reasons of race, employment, wealth, living conditions, and education. However, integration is the coming together of people or any given reason. Throughout the history of the United States, neighborhoods have been segregated which caused violence and crime. They have also been integrated and brought peace and unity. The play “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, she explains the hardships African Americans experience with segregation. She further argues how difficult it is for Blacks to integrate themselves into White neighborhoods. The author also suggests that Blacks face poverty issues as a result of Whites not allowing them to live around them. Race is a factor that causes segregation…show more content…
Hansberry explains that when The Younger family wanted to buy a house up at Clybourne Park, an entirely white neighborhood, the would be neighbors sends Mr. Lindner, from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association, to offer the Youngers money in return for staying away. He offered them $6,000 not to move in because the value of the neighborhood would be reduced . The value of the neighborhood would drop if Blacks would move in because the majority of the whites would move out. The name of such occurrence is called “blockbusting”. Blockbusting was a business process of U.S. real estate agents and building developers to convince white property owners to sell their house at low prices out of fear that racial minorities would soon be moving into the neighborhood. That would be used to lure the minorities especially African Americans out of these neighborhoods so the overall profit of the houses would not drop due to them moving in and the Whites moving out. The way the neighbors reacted was quickly a sign that the Younger family is not welcomed in the society. According to “Middle class African Americans, who were otherwise denied access to previously all-white neighborhoods, were now offered admittance at artificially inflated prices set by the speculators”. Now, that means that the people living in these all white societies were proposed something called a “black tax” which the prices
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