Segregation In School-Personal Narrative

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It was a sunny day in the city of paramount in California , today is a special day because mother is coming home from a meeting that was hosted by the N.A.A.C.P. , hours went by and mother was at her home. I was dying of excitement, I think that the meeting was about stopping segregation in California. Mom was driving up the driveway, I saw the excitement in her eyes as she would get off the car. We all rushed inside and sat on the table and then mother spoke "I have really good news today we were told that our black kid and friends will be able to go to a white school '. We were so happy and full of joy so we all decide to go to the park and drink some fruit punch, listen to some music, and play a friendly game soccer. That evening we were all tired, so we sat down a listen to some music. As soon as we were going to start our second half the music stops and there was a state alert. We gathered together and listen quietly ' 'Hello state of California it is your…show more content…
Ok I am ready were on our ways to my first day of school the first thing that happens is that all the white kids start to surround our car. I Think I can see the state guard blocking the entrance of the high school. I got out and all the mean words that the whites yelled at where really hurtful, but I ignored all of them, I said to myself that I cam to learn and have good education for a good career, I will ignore all the haters. We all walked to the entrance and the state guard was here they had guns and knives, as soon as we tried going inside and the stopped us as said "the governor send us to stop any black women or men to enter this school". We waited outside waiting for someone to help us and let us in but no one came. We stand there and a group of four white girls walk in then a 3 white kid walk in and said come in come get me but the guard still didn’t let us in. My dad said " let go we are going to go home and contact the president of the united states to come and help with this problem of
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