Segregation In Schools

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Segregation for all the existing different types of ethnicities has existed for many centuries. Segregation and discrimination is believed it has disappeared many years ago after the laws had changed from the Civil Rights Movement, as well as from Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech that was heard around the world; However, separation of people has not completely disappeared, instead today it has just evolved to a hidden societal economic problem. One of the most important factors that proves segregation has not completely disappeared are the educational barriers for predominant Black public schools. The first barrier or issue of the split school system for Black schools is the authority of teachers and administration is either defincient, defective, or both. The second issue for Black schools is the students’ families or role models are seen as unsupportive for their children or can be demeaning of the teachers themselves. The last issue for Black schools is racial and socioeconomic segregation that negatively impacts the performance and behaviors of Black students. One of the barriers with having a split school system is the performance of the authority, including the administration and teachers has gone downhill for Black schools. has gone downhill. One of the examples that proves this problem comes from the film, “A Tale of Two Schools,” that displays the school life of two similar, intelligent, and social boys, named David and Owen. They each went to two different public

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