Segregation In Schools: Film Summary

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Summary (2points) . In this film, segregation was a huge factor in the school systems and the way that the schools were set up. Now the school systems want to separate the kids by their race and also what neighborhoods the children live in, however, as a result of this, this does not give kids a chance to pick what schools they want to go to. And as kids don’t have a chance to pick but some kids don’t want to go far away from home to go to that’s why kids drop out. Social Problem (5 points) In the film the social problem is segregation, Segregation is the action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart. Also it’s the enforced separation of different racial groups in a country, community, or establishment. Segregation been going on for a…show more content…
And he was asking his mother why he couldn’t go but that’s the only school he wanted to go to. The reason I say this challenged my thinking is because it limit kids when they same they can’t go to this school or that’s school. Kids want to go to school they are happy at and if the little boy went to school in his district he wouldn’t be successful. Because he wouldn’t have the drive to go every day to be successful. The thing that surprised me was that the president of the school system stated that he send his five year old daughter on a bus to go to school a hour away from the house. I wouldn’t know how to feel about putting my child on a bus for an hour and she only five. I understand he wants the best for his child but why don’t you put her in the school system you apart of. Because he know that his school system is not right and that’s wrong for all the other kids but he not doing anything to change it. He could least try and better the program at the school but because his child not going there it really don’t matter to

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