African Americans In The 1800s Essay

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For decades we have have been taught the meaning of segregation. Segregation between African Americans and whites was a huge act of inhumanity in the 1800’s. It was preposterous for humans to treat others in an unfairly manner all because of their skin color. In the very beginning of segregation between the blacks and whites, it was crucial on how white people detained African Americans as slaves and sold them like property they were forced into a life of mistreatment and no freedom. They were sent to America through slave trade by the Europeans capturing them. Slavery was found in the rural areas of the South. African Americans had to live in a repulsive cabin with very little to eat and spend all day long working in the plantation while the hot, bright sun beaming on them. With all of this happening,…show more content…
Segregation in the 1800’s was deliberatly dangerous such as the owner of the slaves would whipped and beat the African Americans severely. Whites gained popularity for being planters and slave owners. This is one of the reasons on how it attracted white people for buying slaves. Forcing African Americans becoming slaves was the worst era for all blacks. Many died when transferring the slaves to America by starvation, sea sick and/or mistreatment.Transporting the Africans was the worst experience any human being can experience. My main goal for this report is to remind you the horrific centuries the African Americans had to deal with and having no say in their freedom. As the years went by, the treatment with the blacks was less crucial than it was before. In the early 1900’s the whites came to a conclusion of being separate but equal from the blacks. It was the exact opposite of what it meant by being “equal.” Blacks and whites had to go to separate schools, drink from separate water fountains and even eat in separate restaurants. Also, there were signs out in the front of the restaurants saying “blacks not
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