Segregation Of Fashion In The 1950's

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The 1950s was an important year for fashion and for African Americans. A few things that were important in the fifties was segregation, fashion and the influence that the fifties had on fashion. Bus segregation was a big deal in the fifties. “December 1955 marked the beginning of the end for a thriving company in Montgomery, Alabama” (MCGHEE, FELICIA). A year before Rosa Parks’ arrest, on two separate incidents, two teenagers were arrested for violating the segregation laws that had been placed by the city. “Fifteen-year-old Claudette Colvin was arrested March 2,1955, and just seven months late eighteen-year-old Mary Louise Smith was arrested on October 21, 1955” (Sanders, Viv). The 1955 bus boycott was initiated by Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat to a white man. “In explaining why she did not move Parks’ said, “My feet were not tired, but i was tired-tired of unfair treatment”” (Sanders, Viv). The boycott, which was only supposed to last a day ended up last three-hundred and eighty-one days. “Provoked by Parks’ arrest, …show more content…

While Movie and television actors and actresses also played a big role in deciding what fashion trends and body images were big. “Screen goddesses like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly inspired tiny waistlines and full skirts and busts” (Fashion in the 1950s). Television and movies played a big role in teenagers fashion choices. “The influx of American cinema and television brought many new fashion ideas to the masses and prompted many young people to copy the fashion of their favourite movie stars” (Fashion in the 1950s). New materials began to form in the 1950s nylon was a huge thing because it made tights a big deal. “The 1950s saw the introduction of a new range of synthetic clothing materials like nylon, acrylic, polyester and vinyl” (Fashion in the 1950s). Movie and television stars were just the beginning of the influence on fashion, but they certainly weren 't the

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