Segregation Poem Theme

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Segregation appears when the speaker refers to; “I am the only colored student” (“Theme” 65). The speaker indicates that he is split up with the whites and blacks, but in the text, he is the only one; an outcast. His appearance is viewed as a black and not white; this makes him different. The speaker is a color student that appears to be different from his white classmates on the outside, but on the inside, all students are the same. He does not care for he is black but pursues an education even if it places the speaker in the minority. In the poem, he asks himself, “So will my page be colored that I write?" (“Theme” 66). The speaker is not asking for an apology or sympathy but, just understanding. He knows that the paper will be hard, knowing that he and his professor are two different colors that come from two separate worlds. A black man will always have an impact on a white man's judgment and view, but the speaker knows that the teacher wants no part of the black man's life. The speaker only wishes to be accepted not as a black man but as an American student. As for “I, Too” the speaker has no right to have a voice that is why “They send me to eat in the kitchen When company comes” (“I, Too” 69). Whites and blacks are separated not for who they are but what they look like. The quote relates the text back to slavery when inside the house, servants were confined to…show more content…
The two poems illustrate the idea of racism and how most blacks are being treated or think as. “Theme for English B” appears as the speaker reflects upon himself in finding his true identity… In the end of both poems both speakers finally came to the realization that they are not inferior because of the color or their skin, no matter what whites really think of them they know that what race they are they are equal and
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