Essay On Racial Disparities

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Segregation, the separation of different racial groups in a country or city, is the primary cause of racial differences and disparities in a society. This is the main reason which declines a persons health, well-being and lifestyle. The author of this article is trying to state out that segregation between Whites and Blacks is causing a lot of racial differences in their socioeconomic status by determining access to education and employment opportunities. Blacks are the most racial group that is targeted by segregation and this limits the choices they can make and opportunities they can encounter in their life. The author also states and concludes that measures must be taken to eliminate racial disparities in health.

Racial disparities, the racial differences in discrimination, is an indicator of health status of a person. Large racial disparities can cause a decline in health in one type of racial group for example Blacks have an elevated death rate for 8 of the 10 leading causes of death. The mortality rate and infant mortality rate for Blacks is higher than for Whites and this is because there isn’t equality in society. There are many reasons for the large difference in health between Blacks and Whites, one of the reasons is the limit of housing options
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There are a couple of solutions that are being taken place to decline the rate of segregation and create equality in society between different racial groups. Eliminating segregation would lead to the disappearance of black-white differences in earning, high school graduation rates and racial differences elsewhere. The Civil Rights act of 1968 made discrimination in the sale or rental of housing unites illegal in the United States and there was some narrowing on the black-white gap in income, according to the author. Finally the author states that effective efforts to reduce racial disparities in health must be
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