Segregation In The Early 60s And 50's

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During the early 60s and 50s America was an unforgiving place for people with colored skin or different racial backgrounds than white people would be separated and discriminated because they were different.With the help of people of Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights activists, they were able to outlaw and diminish segregation with peaceful protest and speeches.Segregation was a horrible because all it was is just people hating other people just because the way they look or racial backgrounds. In the early 60s and 50s segregation was a huge thing back then and many different activities and a lot of different things were designated for different races.For example,Montgomery,Alabama,when a bus became full, the seats nearer to the front were given to white people (Source A).White people were more privileged than any other race.This shows that some people can be so rude just because someone has a different way a life than themselves.In addition a person named Homer Plessy purchased a ticket for a train in
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