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Earthquake engineering has become an important aspect of structural engineering, especially after the recent seismic incidents that took place in Chile, Mexico or New Zealand. These events shook the engineers from within and they are now expected to deliver stronger structure that can withstand such hazards.

With latest tools and technology and of course BIM analysis methods, it will now be easier for engineers to design or build more earthquake resistant buildings. So what is seismic analysis and how can BIM analysis aid engineers for it? Calculating the response of a building structure during earthquake is what seismic analysis method is all about. Structural engineers are to perform seismic analysis so that they can build a robust building structure.

BIM is at the very tender stage for fortification analysis. The current BIM tools are not advanced
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These structural systems need intense analysis approach to assure the safety of build structure.

Seismic Analysis and Simulation

There are end number of tools out there that enables engineers to leverage a 3D model for seismic analysis and simulation. Engineers can simulate the structure through structural phases such as Loading, inclusive of seismic event by methods such as applied element method, which can trace structural collapse behavior through different cycles of loading, reinforcement yielding and proliferation in brittle materials.

Engineers can use this approach beyond building structures, reaching out to infrastructure facilities as well. For deducing distribution of seismic-based shear force on the height of regular, multistory building, Equivalent lateral force method can be taken into consideration by

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