Seismic Design Purpose

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The sweeping changes in the global infrastructure and construction industry have made the role of Civil engineers a really imperative one. It has always been my greatest passion to be a part of this exponentially growing community. Foundation to this lay in the childhood admiration of my father who was a small scale builder. His limited education was never a barrier for his love and dedication for construction. With the same perseverance as his I would like to reach much greater heights in scope, knowledge and technology.
I have been the Deen’s lister(Top 10% of the University) consecutively in the third and fourth year of my Undergraduate studies. I was also the Department topper in subjects like Structural Analysis
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This incident laid a seed which has developed as a passion to work in making infrastructure safe and seismic resistant.
I would like to specialize in the field of Seismic Design and Analysis. One of the biggest threat that buildings and infrastructure face today is the damage due to a seismic activity. It causes an irrevocable loss of life and property. I want to research in the field of seismic design to reduce the impact of any such activity. I would like to work with modern Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software which gives a never before opportunity to model structures and induce them to real time loads.
My future research plans include research on Base isolation techniques and Elastomeric Bearings and Isolators to reduce the impact of the vibrations on a building. Though isolation techniques are being used they are limited to small scale buildings. I would like to scaling by the technique and checking their applicability to high rise buildings using computer modelling
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Vital buildings such hospitals and transportation hubs have a need to spring back to action immediately after a seismic activity. I would like to work on designing, analysis and modelling of quick and efficient methods of rehabilitation using composite building materials.
I have worked on a similar Material Study project titled “Pullout strength of reinforcement in Normal and light weight concrete” in the past to determine Bond strength of light weight concrete for final year research paper at Larsen &Toubro R&D Center. The objective of the experiment was to determine and compare the bond strength for light weight and normal weight concrete. Two grades of concrete were tested with variation test bar diameter and change in embedment length. The project had a practical approach as light weight concrete has become the need of the hour, and bond strength plays a Critical role in

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