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1. INTRODUCTION: High rise buildings are the most structures that require stability because it they comprises of a lot of frame structure with different width and height. As height increases, rigidity and stability requirements become more significant and they are often the most foremost factors in the design. A fundamental consideration in designing a structure is that of assuring its stability under any type of loading condition. A building is exposed to a large number of different loads. The determination of the loads acting on a structure is a complex problem. The nature of the loads varies essentially with the architectural design, the materials, and the location of the structure. Loading conditions on the same structure may change from…show more content…
These vibrations move as waves with force components in every direction, the ones that are most dangerous for structures are the horizontal components. Vertical components from earthquakes are often small enough to be taken care of by a structures vertical load resisting elements. Ground movement causes the structure to move at the base, creating a lateral force in the form of shear. Seismic forces accumulate downward in a structure. Seismic forces are always more at the base of the building. Simply we can say the seismic force at base of the building is called the base shear. In a multi-storey building all vibration modes of the building contribute to the base shear. Base shear is an estimate of the highest possible lateral force that will occur due to seismic ground motion at the base of a…show more content…
Actual loadings in a building are typically either concentrated or uniformly distributed over an area. The former needs no further consideration other than as necessary to illustrate them as a force vector. In the latter, however, some modeling is needed when the area considered is actually made up of an assembly of one-way line and surface elements. These elements would pick up different portions of the total load acting over the surface, depending on their

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