Earthquake Advantages

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Sam Payne
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Seismic waves are harmful to humans because seismic waves can create earthquakes which can cause lots of damage and can hurt people. When an earthquake occurs the ground shakes which can cause structures to break and fall apart this can be harmful for humans because people can be killed if a building collapses on them. This is why people tell you to get out of the building and get somewhere where nothing can fall on you so you will not be harmed. earthquakes can be harmful to society because when structures break and fall apart during an earthquake that means you have to rebuild or replace these structures which costs a lot of money. We are starting to make earthquake proof buildings now an high risk earthquake
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The first benefit is that I will power the machine using solar panels that will be on the surface and will be connected to the machine underground. I think this is a benefit because the machine will use clean energy that will not pollute the air and will be very good for the environment. Another benefit is that the machine will save lives and money considering the damage an earthquake can do without a warning. This is a benefit because we do not want people to die or be troubled by hospital bills that they would have to pay if something went wrong in an earthquake. My last benefit is that it will create more jobs for people to work because there will have to be maintenence done to the machine and people who need to keep an eye on it in case it shows any activity. People will be able to do maintenance on the machine because there will be a cable going from the machine to the surface where people are able to check on it. We will make the machine fairly light so it will not be too stressful for people to get it to the surface.This is a benefit because people will be able to keep the machine clean and fix it if needed so that it will always be able to detect activity and will never be broken. We will check machine once or twice a week to make sure it is still functioning. The computers will also be able to detect if there is a problem with the machine so they can fix it as soon as…show more content…
The first limitation is that the people working the job of working in the office nearby to the machine to check for activity will have a pretty boring job since they will just be sitting in the office all day. This is a limitation because the workers could get very bored working the job. Another limitation I have is that the machine will not be running during the night so if there is activity during the night we will not know because the machine will be off and the workers will be at home. The final limitation I have is that it might be hard to get the televised warning out quick enough. This is a problem because if people don’t get the warning and the earthquake hits they will not be prepared for it and more deaths and injuries will
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