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I must analysis the cinematic space as a representational space in the Sejoli film that I have been chosen. Based on the film, I have found that this film combined the cultural space and the modern space. This is because of the Hardy and Nita’s wedding preparation and the ceremony. Cultural space is a way of life. According to Martin and Nakayama stated, the cultural space can be physical such as home where the place where we grow up and the factors that can create the cultural space are religion, tradition and culture practices that can create your identity. In the Sejoli film, the cultural space look like is where the Hardy and Nita grew up is in Malaysia so they are Malaysian but their wedding planning have not refers to tradition of the Malays. These matters we can see where they both are use the services of a wedding planner to plan their wedding. They also chose the concept and theme of the wedding is more towards the western wedding. This is because normally, marriage customs of the Malays do not use the services of a wedding planner…show more content…
But in this film, Hardy and Nita always meet and go out together to manage their wedding ceremony with their wedding planner. Furthermore, we as Malay descents and Muslims we do not have a bachelor party before marriage and this is also the western culture. In this film, Hardy had a bachelor party with his friends to celebrate his last days as a bachelor man. All of this is totally not our culture and tradition. But in this era, most of our Malays are doing the same things like Hardy and Nita where our tradition progressively forgettable because they want to follow the trend of the western style where is look more modern. Besides that, in a wedding ceremony nowadays they have a bridesmaid. In addition, pre-wedding concepts which is Chinese culture also already is a trend in Malays wedding ceremony

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