Sekali Pasir Berubah Case Study

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Study Background “Sekali bah, sekali pasir berubah” This is an old Malay proverb with the connotation that disturbance events more often than not lead about change for the improvement of the masses. It is literally interpreted as "whenever flooding, soil change ". The word has several implications on the customs and lifestyle of people living in Malaysia. It means acceptance that the floodlight is not exclusively a natural but a regular and referring to it has evolved naturally as part of linguistic communication and acculturation. It is the acceptance of flood is part of life and the peril of surviving in a flood plain. It also speculates on the benefits of flood more than the negative effects. In current years, a severe flooding has taken place in several regions of Malaysia, both as localized flash floods and as a drainage area-wide floods on major river systems (Mohd. et al., 2006). There are many disruptive effects of floods on human settlements and economic activities, flooding can bring benefits such as illuminating the soil productive and providing nutrients that are deficient through deposition (Smith & Ward, 1998). These are mainly compounds that have floated along with the inflow of heavily laden flood water and are produced within the soil profile by the anaerobic transformation of organic matter (Tomasz et al., 2014). The assemblage of heavy metals in soils is of increasing concern due to food safety topics and potential

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