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Selena the “Queen of Tejano” Selena Quintanilla Perez was the voice for Tejano music or Tex-Mex music (Texan-Mexican music). This type of music composed of various forms of folk and popular music was given its name from its origin in Central and Southern Texas as well as the Mexican-American population. “The musical traditions of the Tejanos of South Texas and Nortenos of Northern Mexico have been influenced not only by the mother country, Mexico, but also by their Anglo-American, African-American and immigrant neighbors like the Czechs, Bohemians, and Moravians as well as the Germans and Italians.” The development of Tejano music came from repertoires the popular folk dances of the region such as polkas, waltzes, redoves, and rancheras …show more content…

Her parents are Abraham and Marcella Quintanilla. She married her guitarist, Christopher Perez on April 2, 1992, but had no children. Selena’s father saw her romance between the guitarists as a conflict of interest. He believed he was after fortune; however, the relationship persevered. Her career started with the encouragement and support of her parents and family as well as her roots. Selena had a career-guided education. Her interest in music flourished due to her father’s career path and his role in the development of her career. Selena went to school in Lake Jackson’s local elementary school, Oran M. Roberts Elementary School. However, she finished Junior High in Corpus Christi, Texas after moving from Lake Jackson, Texas. High School was completed via the American School in 1989. The American School was a corresponding school for artists. She received her high school diploma while simultaneously traveling and performing. She then was accepted and enrolled in Pacific Western University in Business Administration. Her father, Abraham Quintanilla, played in a Tejano band, Los Dinos (The Boys) from 1957 to 1971. The second-generation band started playing as Selena y Los Dinos in Papagallos the Quintanilla family’s restaurant opening in 1980. The band was a family band, in which every member of the family contributed. Los Dinos were mostly known in Lake Jackson, their hometown, where …show more content…

“Selena was not only bilingual but biethnic.” Selena contracts with EMI Latin and fame made her a millionaire. Her worth was set at $5 million by Hispanic magazine in 1994. She started her own clothing line; opened Selena Ect., a boutique-salon in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, and planned to expand before her tragic death. However, even with all her success, she lived a simple life and lived a working-class district of Molina in Corpus Christi. “Selena considered herself a public servant.” Her impact on others was immeasurable. She was involved and participated in organizations such as the Texas Prevention Partnership by Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, D.A.R.E, and Costal Bend Aids Foundation Houston Area Women’s Center. The impact she had on others, and her death was compared to the deaths of John Lennon, Elvis Presley, John F Kennedy, and Pedro Infante (Orozco 2010). Selena’s death was detrimental to the Mexican-American population, for they lost a truly beloved icon. To many she became “more alive than she ever was in life.” Selena’s death “[brought recognition to Mexican-American, and unity to Hispanics” (Anijar 2001). In particular, her impact on the community of Corpus Christi is evident. The community honors Selena with a two-day festival, Fiesta de la Flor, which started on April 2015, where proceeds go the Selena foundation. The festival is now an annual event in Corpus Christi, Texas. There were more than 65,000 fans that attended in

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