Selena Quintanilla Research Paper

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Page 1 of 2 SelenaBy: Anna MastMost people have heard of the famous Mexican-American singer Selena. She did so many tremendous things, influenced so many people, and made such a big impact in the music industry. Selena mainly focused on Mexican music when she first started. She did not always stick to her Mexican culture and Mexican music though. This is the story and background of Selena Quintanilla-Perez.Selena learned about music from a young age. Her father was part of a group called The Dinos. He has always loved music and wanted to be in that band forever. One day while Selena was playing with her siblings and some of the neighborhood kids she heard her dad playing the guitar. She stopped playing the game and went over to her dad. When Selena walked over her dad was…show more content…
A few lines later in the lyrics her father stopped singing and Selena began to sing. Once her dad heard what a great voice Selena had he quickly put down his guitar and went inside. Selena’s singing had inspired him to start a band with all three of his kids in it. The children did not want to participate especially sense their father made them practice for hours. Her father decided to to name the group Selena and the Dinos. Ever since then Selena has been performing in front of crowds. The first time she performed in her parents restaurant she knew that’s what she was born to do. Selena started small just like most popular musicians do. She and her siblings played their songs at state fairs
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