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Selena Quintanilla is a role model now and when she was alive. She inspires young women and especially young latino women to be the best selves they can be no matter how hard it is.Selena Quintanilla was a Latino singer that rose to fame in 1992 when she finally heard one of her songs on the radio. She also recorded an English album that attracted her many more American fans. Without her family know of this would have been possible. Even though Selena died young she still had a memorable life. First and foremost, Selena had a lot of ups and downs in her personal life. Selena met her husband when he got the job as her lead guitarist. When they started dating her dad was not gonna have it and fired Chris. The happy couple was not gonna let Selena’s dad get in the way so they decided to get married behind his back. They thought that no one was going to find out what happened, but when they were driving in the car they heard someone on the radio announce it. Since they over herd this, the couple decided to go to his house and tell him. When they told him he surprisingly was not mad and realized that if expressed his anger than it would only push is lovely daughter father and farther away from him. Selena’s relationship with Chris turned out to be a joyful thing in her life, In addition, the president of Selena’s fan club and someone that helped her run her clothing store ended up betraying her. It all started when Yolanda tricked people into giving her money to buy Selena a

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