Selenium In The Human Body

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Selenium is an essential mineral that can be found as number 34 in the periodic table. Selenium does not only contribute to human body but also in the electricity industry. Humans require and acquire selenium in their daily diets. For some may not know that selenium contributes greatly to the human body. The human body has a recommended dietary allowance and also a tolerable upper intake level of selenium needs. Selenium has significant functions and can be found at different potency levels in different food sources. Not acquiring enough of this mineral can lead to deficiencies and consuming too much can lead to toxicity, hence causing side effects in the human body. Selenium supplements are available to the public if individuals
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Antioxidant protection is one the key roles of this mineral, meaning that it holds unique compounds that have the ability to neutralize molecules and reactive particles, free radicals. With this unique function it helps the protection of body cells, tissues, organs and processes. Selenium has a great impact in thyroid hormone metabolism. Thyroid hormone metabolism controls how fast the human body burns calories and the speed of the beat of the heart. Thyroid hormone is produced in the thyroid gland using iodine, but before the thyroid hormone can use its effects, it must be activated. Selenium is essential for the activation of the thyroid hormone, functioning as a strong catalyst in the removable of the iodine atom needed to prompt the activating reaction. Moreover, this mineral also aids protein production which is a key role in preventing cell damage. It has also been known that the antioxidant action of selenium can serve as protection against cancer. Selenium is an active part of a group of enzymes called glutathione peroxidases which are crucial to preserving and regaining human…show more content…
But his colleague Jacob Berzelius began to examine it further and discover that in fact it was not tellurium but something similar that he would eventually name Selenium. Selenium was derived from the word Selene meaning moon in Greek. Another interesting fact about selenium is that is used a lot by the electricity industry. Selenium is a photoconductor meaning that it has the power to change light energy into electrical energy. By having this ability selenium is use in photo copy machines in the process of transferring images by releasing light selenium gives the copy machine the energy it needs to transfer the image. Picture the light that can be seen when using the copy

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