Actualization Equals A Superior Society In John Updike's A & P

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Self Actualization Equals a Superior Society in “A&P”
As a naive young man only beginning to understand the consequences of his judgement, Sammy reflects many teenagers during their pivotal stage of life. A person’s journey to understanding themselves, their thoughts, and their actions is a never ending winding road. He or she may experience numerous sticky situations and moments of trial, defeat, and self doubt before learning their place in society. In the early 1960s, the feminist movement was only beginning to gain momentum. Although women gained the right to vote over forty years earlier, the fight for equal rights was far from over. During this rise, author John Updike strived to bring the prejudices and judgement against women to the forefront through his short story “A&P.” Men
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Throughout the story, Updike develops a narrative tone by using informal diction to allow his account to flow like a story and connect to the readers on a personal level. The narrative begins as the girls enter the store, picks up when the manager notices the girls and concludes as Sammy quits his job. This clear beginning, middle, and end suggests Updike’s intent to make “A&P” flow like a narrative. As an effort to pull the reader into the story, Updike includes imagery through statements like “there was this chunky one, with the two-piece--it was bright green and the seams on the bra were still sharp and her belly was still pretty pale so I guessed she just got it” (Updike 1). He highlights the details that pertain to the girls and inserts images of their appearances as an effort to bring the reader along for the ride. Along the same lines, Updike strives to connect with the reader on a personal level as he addresses them as he would a friend. He refers to places in the grocery store as if he is telling a story that requires the utmost detail, which allows the reader to obtain comfort. This is most seen as he references the
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