Self Analysis In Nursing Education

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Self-analysis of strengths and weaknesses
At this time in my nursing career, I have hit a few of the tasks but not all of the tasks. The tasks that were hit and are meeting a level of proficiency at this point is that I do promote an innovative practice with in the educational environment and “Models cultural sensitivity when advocating for change NLN (2015).” The gained competencies in five I should be as proficient in those and strive to be proficient in those and work just as hard to gain the knowledge that I am lacking.
For the future
Since I am a newer to nursing education I have not met all the tasks for this competency. In this case it would be best suited to be learned by a mentorship program that is set forth by the institution.
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Education is tied to the integration of respect, and professionalism, and caring that it takes to organize a climate that fosters learning development of not only the student but the teacher too.”
Self-analysis of strengths and weaknesses
Throughout my nursing career, there is nothing more valuable then networking. By the power of networking can bring in new clinical settings. In this case I have experienced this in more than one occasion. I was able to secure a new clinical site by just simple networking.
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