Self-Analysis Assignment

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Self-Analysis Writing is essential to everyday life. Some enjoy writing more than others do. I try my best to do what is expected of me. Sometimes I think I put to much effort in my work and do not give myself the credit that I should. Therefore, when it comes to writing, my self-esteem is low, and this causes me to procrastinate and put off the writing assignment until the very last minute. I do the very minimal when it comes to writing, just enough to meet the requirements. My knowledge about writing has increased this semester and this has helped me. Writing is something that I do not enjoy very much, but it is something that I am working on to show more interest and make it fun. Since, I do not find writing interesting this makes me procrastinate. I put the assignment off until the very last minute. Sometimes I second guess myself wondering if I am going to be able to have it done before the deadline, then I think, “I always manage to pull it off.” Since having children, I have become horrible at time management. My evenings are spent with my children and husband. After they go to bed is when I can work on my school assignments. Some nights, I can barely keep my eyes open, so I procrastinate and put my writing off until another day. I need to work on managing my time to avoid rushing…show more content…
I struggle at time management, procrastination, reading, and asking others for help. I feel like I do well with proofreading and making sure that I use the correct grammar, along with note taking. I have learned more this semester about writing than my two previous compositions classes. Everything seems to be broken down more, and this has helped me retain the information. My current class seems to be more fun, laid back, and the writing assignments are explained in detail, and I think this has eased some of my fears when it comes to writing. Most importantly, the teacher is willing to help in any way that she
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