Self-Appraisal On Leadership

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Self-Appraisal on Leadership
As a leader in the camp, the democratic behaviour approach is used. The democratic leadership style, which is not control the subordinates/ followers but guide them to complete the task. “Democratic leaders treat subordinates as fully capable of doing work on their own” (Northouse, 2014). The suggestions are given to them and help them to reach their goals. Therefore, they gain own freedom, my trust and my support. Furthermore, they are highly engaged in tasks and decisions which may have high satisfaction and self-affirmation. A research published by the Harvard Business Review about there are six different leadership styles - commanding, visionary, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting and coaching (Goleman, 2000).
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I am sensitive to subordinates, understand what they think or what they want. Approval or consents by the followers are needed to put into operation suggestions. Backing up or supporting what other people in the group do if I can. Also, I will try to help followers with their personal problems if they need my hands. I will use my creativity to find the solution for others and speak ideas and suggestions out. Besides considering others, accomplished the work as much as we can are also important. I will emphasize the deadlines and how to meet them and suggest ways to fix problems. However, I seldom assign people to specific tasks, although I know which task they may good at or expert…show more content…
Although it is good to show emotion, it is being too emotional which create problems (Sundheim, 2013). After the test of Personality Dimensions in the Leadership course, I found out I am a Resourceful Orange who is independent, easy going and entertaining but act too quickly (Tudor, 2007). However, this type of personality will pay less attention to the details since we think that it is too complicated and troublesome. Hence, I have to learn think before act and pay more attention to the details. In the Leadership course, I’ve know more about myself and my groupmates. I think the communication methods, leadership style and the followership style (performance) will be different as the needs of different people are

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