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The self-examination assessment asks the learner to take time and think about the 30 areas and determine where we stand. Typically, I don’t like self-assessments such as this because dependent upon its structure and who developed it can skew reality. Throughout my military and civilian career, I have taken tests that ask questions into my status or 360-degree assessment of ability levels. These tests, taken in the specific context of the questionnaire can be helpful in developing a process to grow or improve something the program is supposed to help. This particular assessment reinforced items I where knew I should continue to develop myself. I did, however; find three areas rated low, Research, Organization and Ability to focus on one task…show more content…
As well, I plan on elevating my writing skill by developing better word usage and transitional phrases; two particular areas where I have yet to pay attention to when structuring an essay or other paper. There are several means to do so at the Bethel library. As our current facilitator relates, “The good news is we’re a writing-based program, that means no tests. Then, “The bad news is we’re a writing-based program, you’ll be writing” (Bethel University, 2014). One particular method that I will use is to read my writing aloud and have someone else read it aloud to me. This will help me find errors in punctuation and sentence structure.

Benefits of an improved soft skill such as written communication are immensely noticeable in many areas in the workplace. First, I will be able to improve understanding between my department heads and myself. I estimate that approximately 50% of direction or instruction is provided by email or memorandum. The ability to present a more well-crafted set of instructions will save time, prevent error and improve professionalism. My superiors will benefit from this improved skill by requiring less time determining intent from email or memo as well as the ability to forward such information without the need to rework
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A great resource for a new user of this format would be to have a copy of the publication manual at hand when both formatting and completing a paper (McGuire, S. L., Gerber, D. E., & Currin, M. D. 2001). When students pair the facilitator’s rubric with APA rules, there is a much higher opportunity to complete assignments with the exact format needed to demonstrate understanding of the subject content and achieve higher scores (Stellmack, M. A., Konheim-Kalkstein, Y. L., Manor, J. E., Massey, A. R., & Schmitz, J. P.
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