Self Analysis In Leadership

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Self-assessment is the process of analyzing ourselves to evaluate the factors that are important to achieve goals in our lives. (Sedikides, 1993). It can be used to improve the certainty of one’s self-knowledge, and also, to know about the uncertainty parts of one’s life. The importance of self-assessment analysis is that it enhances one’s ability to gain control over oneself in the gray areas of life. Self-awareness is having a deep understanding of one’s emotions, strengths, weaknesses, needs and drives. (Lyman W. Porter, 2003). My leadership style is designed to tackle and fix issues, i.e., problem solving. The skill affords me the avenue to apply the knowledge and the wealth of experience of my boss and subordinates to any given situation.…show more content…
Another is, it is a catalyst to human resource development, i.e., skill sets, confidence, and experience. Also, the leadership style encourages diversity of leadership styles. Everyone in the team has his own leadership style, and understanding and utilization of the of the diverse style is very critical in any given forum. People who worked under my style of leadership tends to feel they can made difficult decision, and end of getting it right, they are so motivated, and feel the sense of urgency and fulfilment. “The approach can be most suitable when working as a team is essential, and when quality is more important than speed to market, or productivity.” (Leadership…show more content…
I can really see that I have grown tremendously in my academic life. My grammatical understanding, pronunciation, and usage. I have significantly improved in my understanding of work etiquette, also with my structural and organization and organization skill. The progression synchronized with the series of classes that I took that business, strategy, interpersonal skill, and leadership related. I have not arrived yet, but I will continue to work on myself, to improve the area that need growth. Personal strength includes but not limited to the following; Gratitude: I am always grateful for all that I have, and all that I have become. Selfless service: I enjoy helping everyone who needs my help, turned blind eye to color, gender, race, and religious affiliation. Critical thinking: I tend to look at things or situations from a different point of views. My life style, personal belief, etc. reflects on my reaction or response to the any given situation. Perseverance: I follow through my goals, even when the odd seemed to be against me, I reach out to tap from my innermost strength, and continue to strive to the end. While my weakness is obvious, I struggle to keep my feeling
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