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Leadership within the healthcare field is necessary to increase skills, organization, understanding, and control within the workplace (Huber, 2014). The leadership role tends to fall into the hands of one who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, motivating, committed, and adequately communicates to the team (Huber, 2014). With each leader comes strengths and weakness, hence, the reason why self-assessment and reflection on leadership skills are necessary. Over the course of this essay I will perform a variety of self-assessment and reflection tests in order to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a current and future nurse leader.
To identify my strengths and weaknesses, I took a total of six self-assessment tests; which consisted of
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With each assessment I have found that I obtained the most insight from the values assessment. I have found that both traditional and social values play a defining role in my actions and beliefs. Throughout my life I have always had a strong desire to help other who are suffering physically and emotionally. After witnessing various amounts of abuse in my family, I have had a strong urge to do everything in my power to protect those who cannot protect themselves. As I have gotten older my desire to help other with different forms of mental illness such as addiction and depression. Alongside social values, traditional values have also played a strong role in my life as I become an adult. I have always been adamant about tradition in my life, from putting cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve, to dreaming of one day having the all-American family with a white picket fence. These two dominant values are something I have always held close to my heart, but never knew how strong of an impact they had on my life until…show more content…
I feel that these results have has a positive influence on my behavior because they have allowed me to explore my inner being on a deeper level. I have identified a few strengths and weaknesses that affect who I am as a leader. By identifying my weaknesses, I can make improvements prior to becoming a nurse. When working in groups I can start to analyze how I work with other and if my weaknesses hinder my ability to assist and lead others. Over time I will be able to analyze how I can work more efficiently as a leader within the hospital and possibly create a positive

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