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Self-Assessment The two traits I selected, are due to my ability to listen to others. I have the strength to tolerate moments of discomfort and confusion while remaining open-minded and clear-headed. Also, I have the sense of adventure that will help me step out of my comfort zone to learn about others. I inhabit these traits because I have the ability to hear what others are saying and see things from their view and reasoning. I have the ability to build on what people say and ask questions about their processes and learn how they handle particular situations. At my current work situation, my boss encourages input toward work improvements. With this encouragement comes listening to people explain how they think particular tasks can be…show more content…
Two traits I desire to improve are courage to look at my own biases and keep them from interfering with my behaviors, opinions, and decisions and having the vigilance to see and immediately shut down any disrespectful behavior in my workplace. I have a very strong bias to what I think a hard or honest worker is. Being raised in a hard-working family it is sometimes hard to understand most people’s views of hard work. To me, being a hard honest worker is coming into work, doing the work you’re assigned without being asked and keeping the chit chat and socializing time down to a bare minimum. Also, a huge component of being a hard worker includes minimal to no complaining. The struggle within seems to be the inability to differentiate between doing what is asked and being a hard worker. Everybody has a different view on what hard work is. Also, hard work for one person such as myself may be impossible for others since they may not have the capacity to accomplish what I can. Too many times I claim I know people are different, but I neglect to look at all the aspects of difference, work ethic and ability being two of them. With that being said, my goal is to see people for what they do and what they have the capacity to do instead of comparing them to the style of work I think everybody should…show more content…
However, when there are personal disagreements compared to work-related conflicts this is where I tend to disconnect. Knowing this I need to work on seeing the conflicts as what they are, uncomfortable situations regardless of their caliber. My goal in life and in work are to build on what I am good at and implement them into my weaknesses. Personal attacks shut me down, but I must look at them as building blocks to coming to a resolution of an uncomfortable situation. We as people all have biases. Identifying them is the first step to corrective

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