Self Assessment: Owls

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Self –Assessment
Being a turtle isn’t me because they don’t like conflict and that means they can’t handle conflict and I know how to handle conflict and face it. Teddy bear seems like they can’t stand their grounds when it time and being a pushover is not who I am. Teddy bears give up without trying. Owls are team players and I fit in that category. I don’t mind working out problems with people to find a way to make things fair and equal with others but I am a fox, I am not too tough and I am not too tender. I fit in between both categories and a fox is mutual with both. A fox is a person who accepts and understands. I am fine with accepting the fact that everyone wins some and everybody may lose some. Only thing about that is that only
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Think about some great leaders you’ve observed who have adopted the velvet covered brick style of leadership. Describe a time when they balanced the paradox of being both tough and tender. My mother because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be the man I am today. My mother was tough on me as well as tender. She was hard on me because she wanted the best for me. She pushed me so hard to the point I felt like it wasn’t fair that she was so hard on me rather is was dealing with school, finding a job and learning how to take care of responsibility. The tenderness played a part when she walked in my room and seen that I was sad and she asked me what was wrong and I told her it’s not fair that she’s so hard on me. She said “son I am sorry but trust me it will all pay off in the end” and gave me a hug. Now it all makes sense she just was preparing me for the real world. 2. In contrast, what pitfalls have you observed about leaders who fail to embrace the velvet covered brick style of leadership? My daddy for example, he walked out on us as we was kids and as a child your father should be a person you look up to, well my father was a person who I looked up to because he was a good role model at first. He was the man of the house and he was a great leader before times start getting hard and once things started to get hard he walked out on us and didn’t come back and that showed me he couldn’t handle pressure and he failed as a
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