Self Assessment Reflection

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Performing a self-assessment before this course, helped me realize there are a few areas in need of improvement before advancing to the next level in my career. I believe the educational training received in the Master of Science, Management (MSM) program, will enhance my current skills so that I am more efficient in the workplace. After analyzing the results of my assessment and identifying my weaknesses, I know the amount of hard work and dedication put into my course work will provide the training I need to start a successful career. In my opinion, my overall communication skills are average, but I must strengthen a few areas so that I will be clear, concise, and adequate when communicating. Omitting important details while communicating…show more content…
On numerous occasions, I am given the responsibility of overseeing major projects and events because of my tenacious ability to direct and motivate others to achieve specific goals. When assigned leadership roles I find it difficult to delegate certain tasks in fear of the job not being completed in a timely manner. Previous experiences have taught me that leadership roles can be demanding, yet rewarding for the right individual and the ability to delegate and collaborate are two skills that I need to focus on before seeking a management career. Critical thinking has always been one of my best attributes. When rating this skill, I felt I was above average, and there was no improvement needed, but would love to learn new things to amplify my current skill set. I currently use these skills on a daily basis to make informed decisions and provide the best solutions to overcome various challenges and obstacles in the workplace. My success using these skills demonstrates that I have the flexibility to work well individually or in a team
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