Self Assessment Research Paper

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Self-assessments help individuals understand and focus on their best qualities that are unique to them but also show awareness of the areas that are possible opportunities for growth. Self-assessments can be broken down and categorized with many options for results. When completing the self-assessment I discovered that my three areas of strength were demonstrating a willingness to understand the perspectives of others through verbal and non-verbal communication. Second, identifying and working towards personal goals. Lastly, demonstrating awareness of behavior and adjusting accordingly in response to changing situations. However, my three areas of improvement were writing communication that is organized and accurate reflecting appropriate terminology. Also, actively seeking feedback that is responsive, and modifies behavior according from others regarding performance. Third, managing my time effectively. To address my area of improvement and growth on managing my time effectively, I thought of an effective and achievable plan of action. I have struggled with this since coming into higher education and trying to prioritize my life to where there is a balance. The every first step to my action plan is to get organized and carry a planner, create schedules, and make to-do lists. I should benefit this by being able to visually see how much time is actually being spent producing results and how much time is being wasted on unproductive actions. When creating my to-do…show more content…
My results will guide me on my path to an effective quality of self-learning and giving me insight on how to improve my personal and professional skills. Time management is truly a process of planning and keeping a stable balance of everyday tasks. I know that this personalized plan will be a crucial guide to help me understand ways I can manage time in this fast-paced
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