Self Awareness Literature Review

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1.2 Overview of Self-Awareness When self-awareness is used, it means to what extent people are aware of their thinking pattern, traits, feelings and behavior (Brown, 2012). Fletcher and Bailey (2003) state that it is possible to preview at our own self-assessment and assessment made by other people in relation to self-awareness for instance, the scope of which we can exactly recognise how others observe us. In the same way, Yammarino and Atwater (1997) identify self-awareness as an adeptness of an individual to view own performance related to a specific criteria and then, evaluate others assessment of the individual and monitor precisely linking the two consequences. Fletcher and Bailey (2003) states the relationship between self-awareness and performance is significant when assessing self-awareness and further presents…show more content…
Mudrock and Scutt (2003) explaines self-development in the context of a manager, to improve themselves and perform successfully in order to come across objectives of the organisation. Stickland (1996) states self-development paves the way for employees to be succeeded in their career demands in the emotional convention. In the same way, In contrast, Stickland (1996) argues self-development merely as a self-motivating model and further indicates that people feel difficult to manage self-development procedures without an approach for the direction and practical assistance hence the procedures of self-development are complicated. However, Pedler (1982) mentions that self-development assists managers in organisations to identify their own matters and develop their role as a manager by improving knowledge and skills with the guide provided by colleagues at the

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