Self-Awareness In John Buber's The Elephant Man

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Today, people love to judge others, which has drastically affected our community as humans. In the movie The Elephant Man (1980), they identified John Merrick as the “greatest freak in the world” which resembles how people judge others’ today. This reslates to Buber 's “I/It” philosophy, because their first reactions when seeing John are “gasping” and “ooohing” at him which is a reaction people reserve for objects and not people. This “I/It I/Thou” philosophy is on display throughout the film in that several characters become fully engaged, evidence growth through relationships, and become open to others, these traits belong to Mrs. Mothershead, Mrs. Kendall, and Mr. Treves. Although people say that judgement is a thing only God can do legitimately, which is completely incorrect if you want to be happy, successful, and self-aware. One of the biggest issues in our society today is self-awareness, people are constantly afraid of what people think of them. When you meet people they adapt to what you like and what you expect from them, which in turn makes them not who they truly are. Happiness is one of the greatest virtues one can receive in life, because when you’re happy you will in turn be successful and self aware. This correlates to the film because John states that he is truly happy, because he can finally be himself as well as do what he wants. One of the biggest things today is that “Money buys happiness” which is a mixed opinion, You cannot buy happiness,
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