Self Awareness In Nursing

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Promoting self -awareness and self-efficacy for psychiatric nurses
Faten H. Alam
Psychiatric Nursing, Menoufia University, Egypt


Self-efficacy could be a key part of a nurse 's competency or ability therefore a nurse who lacks an precise understanding of these competencies puts self and others in danger and without self-awareness, nurses are unable to display empathy with others. The purpose of the study was to promote self-awareness and self-efficacy for psychiatric nurses. Quasi-experimental design was used to conduct the current study (one group pretest posttest). The study was completed in Outpatient Clinics and inpatient department Psychiatric Hospital in Mit-Khalf at Menoufia, Egypt. Non probability sampling of fifty psychiatric nurses from the previously mentioned setting was recruited.. Tools of the study comprise of a Nurses Characteristics Data Form, Self- Efficacy Scale, Self- awareness Scale. The study illustrated that, there was an improvement of self-awareness and self-efficacy for psychiatric nurses after implementation of a psychiatric nursing intervention. Results of the current study concluded that intervention has a positive effect on self awareness and self –efficacy among psychiatric nurses. It is recommended that, self awareness and self –efficacy education should be applied for psychiatric nurses and nursing students to be able to take care of psychiatric patients.
Keywords: self awareness, self-efficacy

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