Self Awareness In Nursing

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to review an article written by Subia Parveen Rasheed, RN, BScN on The Self-Awareness Concept published in the International Journal of caring Science, 2015.
According to the author, Self-Awareness is described as the process of performing an unbiased examination of self. The author believes self-awareness is an important mechanism that is necessary in the development of the proper nurse-patient relationship that leads to therapeutic healing. She further explores the difficulty involve in knowing oneself, accepting who we are can be a long process that causes us to face things that may be painful. The author claims self-awareness starts with self-consciousness and the expectation of change that relies on constant effort. Because the nurse spends more time with the patient than any other healthcare provider, self-awareness is key in the building of nurse-patient relationship. Hildegard Peplau (Cited in Vandemark, 2006), The central task of the basic professional school of nursing is viewed as the fullest development of the nurse self-awareness seeing him/her as a person who is aware of how he/she functions in the situation” (p.606). Eckroth-Bucher (2010, explains “Self-Awareness involves the cerebral exercise of introspection e.g. what we think, our belies, values, and the way others see us” (p.297). The author’s continued explanation regarding self-awareness states self-evaluation, understanding, motivation and beliefs and
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