Self-Awareness Journal

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Self-Awareness Journal:
Introduction of Self Hi, I am Jennifer Viviano, but I prefer Jenni. I’m very excited for this course because I want to work with LBGTQIA+ youth. I want to learn more about the drag community and where they fit among the LBGTQIA+ community. I want to walk away from this class with more confidence when working with the LBGTQIA+ population. I hope to understand more of the legal aspects related to LBGTQIA+ issues, such as, what are some of the policies and laws that can be used in the favor of the community? I took this course because it was the only elective offered in working with the LBGTQIA+ and to also reaffirm that this is the path I want to follow after graduation. I think I will struggle with senioritis near the
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As for my sexual identity, I identify as pansexual or queer. Growing up, gender norms were never a part of my life; I dressed in jeans and tshirts. I wore dresses for special occasions, and I started wearing makeup in middle school. Makeup was one of the biggest loves in my life; I was the goth/punk rocker in middle and high school. My hair was always random colors and my makeup was always done. My parents hated this phase in my life, but they let it happen with only a few jokes over family dinner. Growing up, my little brother and I shared a room and toys. I grew up playing with ninja turtles and barbies. My parents were fine with however I wanted to dress as long as I was happy. My household was super supportive, which somewhat blinded me to the outside world and what was going on. I feel my true experiences with the isms didn’t come until I moved out and went to college, which is when my eyes were opened to all of the inequality in the world when it came to the LBGTQIA+…show more content…
While in my junior year of college I decided to take a class, Queer Literature. I was hoping this class could answer some of the questions I had in regards to my sexuality. All of my hopes were exceeded; the class taught me about the history and strides made to attempt to achieve equality for the LBGTQIA+ community. Queer Literature felt like my first step over the rainbow, it introduced me to sexulity and gender for the first time. Before taking Queer Literature I never knew that there was a term for identifying with the sex you were born into. It was this class that made me decide that I wanted to go into social work, and focus my practice around working with LBGTQIA+
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